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Our tutor is amazing, professional, easy to work with and just lovely. My daughter has improved in maths and feels confident. She looks forward to her tutor session knowing that anything she has not grasped well in class can be reviewed and clarified. Very happy with our tutor and I do appreciate the professional admin/payment side of the program. Its very efficient. Grateful.


My daughter’s confidence and results have improved immensely in VCE English and Maths thanks to the quality and dedication of her tutors. Her tutors are knowledgeable and flexible in their approach to helping my daughter. Comparing my experience between the two companies to date I have to say that TutorsOnline provides excellent service.


We couldn't be happier with the service provided by TutorsOnline. Our daughter has thrived with the tutoring and has moved from the lowest group in maths to "above expected". She now has confidence in that space and talks positively about her abilities. Thanks also to the staff who go above and beyond to make sure we're looked after.


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Parents often don’t know where their child is falling behind - We provide complimentary diagnostic assessments to pinpoint knowledge gaps and provide customised recommendations.

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1. Identify Your Needs & Meet Your Online Tutor
Your dedicated Manager will be in touch to hold a Discovery Call in order to select the best tutor for your child & arrange your Free Trial.

2. Find Out Where Your Child’s Knowledge Gaps Are Holding Them Back
Prior to your Online Consultation, your tutor will allocate a series of online assessments… these will identify your child’s knowledge gaps (including tailored recommendations

3. Choose From Flexible & Affordable Packages
In conjunctions with your tutors' recommendations - Choose the package that suits you from our range of flexible options (Unused lessons are 100% refundable)

4. A Learning Program Tailored To Suit Your Child
Your tutor will develop a tailor made program mapped to the curriculum … to Improve Results Faster (Including access to our proven study skills program)

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Mathematics is one of the core foundation subjects. As a result of constant changes and a cramped curriculum students can often find themselves falling behind before they even realise it, gaps begin to emerge and it requires more effort to simply maintain their grades let alone catch up.

TutorsOnline Maths focus on filling these knowledge gaps and mentoring your child to develop enjoyment with the challenge of learning maths.

Primary Maths (Year F-6)

High school Maths (Years 7-10)

Senior Maths (Years 11-12)

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  • Maths
  • Number & algebra
  • Measurement & geometry
  • Statistics & probability
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  • Maths methods
  • Specialist maths
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